Hi I'm Dj... you can call me Dorothy too haha :) This is my blog for the Lord. It's named hosanna in the highest simply coz it comes from my favorite song :)

I am a follower of Jesus. A sinner saved by grace. A woman made holy and righteous by the blood of my Savior.

I love photography (though i'm just starting out), I love music and serve as a worship leader in our church. I love sunsets and stars. And I am forever amazed by the beauty that the Lord has made.

This blog is both a means of expression and a ministry to encourage. I hope you are blessed :) Praise be to God alone :)

Disclaimer: The Bible is the Truth. I love to write notes, however I CHALLENGE YOU first to test and approve even the things I write here. Also understand that there is a difference between EXPLICIT BIBLICAL TRUTH from a personal conviction or application of the truth.

Christians are not awesome because of what they’ve done. Christians are only different because of Christ who lives in them.

Odd. Last night I had a dream an anon messaged me on Tumblr saying Christians are arrogant to think they are an elite people who are set apart. In my dream I also answered the question, but though it was just a dream I want to answer it here :)

Christianity is not about religion or works, it is a relationship with our God. To be arrogant about ones belief is to simply bring the glory and attention to oneself. Christianity is about putting Christ in the center and giving Him glory. A Christian ought not to put himself higher than other people, because he is only what he is simply because of Christ.

Our lives are no boasting matter, because at the end of the day we live a life filled with grace. Therefore any and every Christian has no right to brag about being better than others. The only thing we can boast about is that we know the Lord, and that we should boast IN the Lord (Jeremiah 9:24, 1 Corinthians 1:31, 2 Corinthians 10:17)

"Let him who boasts, boast in the Lord" This simply means that IF you may take glory for what you’ve done, point it back to God instead. Ascribe salvation and success to the Lord rather than your own human strength. For from God comes all things, our abilities, our strength, our skills. Therefore it is only fitting for man to give back the glory to God.

A Christian is not a “better person” because he follows the rules better or what not, it is never about what he can or cannot do—-rather it is the CHRIST in him that makes him different from others.

CHRISTian. Take away Christ and all you’re left wit is “ian”

Without Christ, I AM NOTHING. :)

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