Hi I'm Dj... you can call me Dorothy too haha :) This is my blog for the Lord. It's named hosanna in the highest simply coz it comes from my favorite song :)

I am a follower of Jesus. A sinner saved by grace. A woman made holy and righteous by the blood of my Savior.

I love photography (though i'm just starting out), I love music and serve as a worship leader in our church. I love sunsets and stars. And I am forever amazed by the beauty that the Lord has made.

This blog is both a means of expression and a ministry to encourage. I hope you are blessed :) Praise be to God alone :)

Disclaimer: The Bible is the Truth. I love to write notes, however I CHALLENGE YOU first to test and approve even the things I write here. Also understand that there is a difference between EXPLICIT BIBLICAL TRUTH from a personal conviction or application of the truth.

I met him at a blind orphanage in Beijing - his name was Li Lhang Ahn.
I called him - Mushu.

I kept my eyes on him the moment he entered the room. Little Mushu ran
around, tripping over, and bumping into everything! Until finally he started placing his ear on all the instruments … he was adorable.

I asked his caretaker if I could pick him up and hold him … I picked him up and he seemed frightened and scared.

I start singing and humming,

‘Somewhere over the rainbow way up high, there’s a land that I’ve heard of once in a lullaby’ 

Something happened then that I didn’t plan …

Little Mushu placed his ear on my lips… and I can’t explain why, but I broke.

I heard God saying in my spirit,

“Will this has got to be you! Whenever your life feels chaotic and you can’t make sense of everything - you need to have enough childlike faith to place your ear on My lips - on My word. You need to be able to hear Me” 

Mushu - The little blind boy that changed my life. 

WOW AMEN! praise God for this—-it’s so beautiful :’) 

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