Hi I'm Dj... you can call me Dorothy too haha :) This is my blog for the Lord. It's named hosanna in the highest simply coz it comes from my favorite song :)

I am a follower of Jesus. A sinner saved by grace. A woman made holy and righteous by the blood of my Savior.

I love photography (though i'm just starting out), I love music and serve as a worship leader in our church. I love sunsets and stars. And I am forever amazed by the beauty that the Lord has made.

This blog is both a means of expression and a ministry to encourage. I hope you are blessed :) Praise be to God alone :)

Disclaimer: The Bible is the Truth. I love to write notes, however I CHALLENGE YOU first to test and approve even the things I write here. Also understand that there is a difference between EXPLICIT BIBLICAL TRUTH from a personal conviction or application of the truth.

Who are you looking at?

Have you ever heard someone tell you “This person is causing me to stumble” ? Or probably found yourself telling someone that another believer is causing you to stumble.

Let’s not focus first on the WHAT that person did, rather ask the HOW would we respond to it. The question is why are YOU stumbling based on what THEY are doing?

Supposedly your leader/discipler in church is known for gossiping, or your youth pastor was seen drinking, or that your elder pastor was caught having an immoral relationship—-yes they all would be devastating, however why is it that we should stumble when others make mistakes? Why do we focus on the lives of others as a gauge to our spirituality?

Is it not in Christ, whom you placed your faith in? So now why shall another person cause you to turn away from Christ? Is it the fault of God that His people chose to turn away from Him? So why do we stumble at the faults of others?

Look at others and you will be disappointed, look to Jesus and you will never be disappointed.

Our faith should not be environmentally sensitive as to change whenever something happens. Do not allow your surroundings cause your faith to waver.  Our faith should be firm in Christ and in CHRIST ALONE.

You cannot control how other Christians live, you have your own life to live. Control only what you can control. You can pray for them, rebuke them or encourage them, but you cannot control them to do God’s will. However you can control how you will react, whether you will allow it to make you turn away or if you will remain steadfast in the faith. Think about it.

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