Hi I'm Dj... you can call me Dorothy too haha :) This is my blog for the Lord. It's named hosanna in the highest simply coz it comes from my favorite song :)

I am a follower of Jesus. A sinner saved by grace. A woman made holy and righteous by the blood of my Savior.

I love photography (though i'm just starting out), I love music and serve as a worship leader in our church. I love sunsets and stars. And I am forever amazed by the beauty that the Lord has made.

This blog is both a means of expression and a ministry to encourage. I hope you are blessed :) Praise be to God alone :)

Disclaimer: The Bible is the Truth. I love to write notes, however I CHALLENGE YOU first to test and approve even the things I write here. Also understand that there is a difference between EXPLICIT BIBLICAL TRUTH from a personal conviction or application of the truth.